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Weatherboard, Hardiplank, Weathertex and other Cladding
The cladding of a house is very deceiving, at first glance it may look like it is in good condition but underneath the paint it may be rotting and decayed.

What to look for:

Check for any evidence of decay on the timber/cladding
Are there any loose nails?
Are any timbers/cladding or mouldings missing or loose?
Is there putty missing or gaps between the boards?
Are any boards bulging or uneven?

Who to contact:

If you require advice about the condition of weatherboards or any other type of cladding construction material contact a licensed builder or structural engineer.

Just remember that the condition of the cladding is only one of the numerous areas of a house that needs to be checked before buying or selling – the easiest way to do this is by purchasing a Building & Pest Inspection Report.