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Roof Cavity

The condition of the timber or steel structure, the underside of the roof and the insulation material in the roof must be checked for any visual evidence of leaks or white/borer ant activity.

What to look for:

The type of roof framing used and the condition of the roof frame
Check for evidence of cracking, sagging, decay or corrosion
Check for evidence of rodents or white ants
Check the condition of the underside of the roof for evidence of water leaks, holes, deterioration, corrosion or sagging
Check the underside of the roof for sarking and/or insulation and the condition of these materials
Check the condition of the ceiling joist for evidence of cracks, sagging, decay, corrosion or white ants
Check if there are any walls applicable to a duplex, town house or unit
Is there any fire rated wall separating any adjoining properties?

Who to contact:

If you detect any cracks, sagging or evidence of decay or corrosion contact a licensed builder. If you detect any evidence of white ant/borer activity contact a licensed pest controller for an inspection. It is always advisable to obtain a full pest inspection report prior to purchasing a property.

Just remember that the condition of the roof is only one of the numerous areas of a house that needs to be checked before buying or selling – the easiest way to do this is by purchasing a Building & Pest Inspection Report.