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Why do I need it? Why have we written this guide?

The Residential Building Report Guide has been designed to meet the requirements of the Australian Standard AS 4349.1 1995 Inspections of Buildings; Property inspections – Residential buildings document.

The Guide has been written to provide a comprehensive and easy to understand resource for any person wishing to complete a thorough visual defect inspection and report on a residential property.

One of the aims of writing this guide is to provide prospective property buyers and owners with an appropriate resource that will allow them the opportunity to have a thorough and professional residential building report for free.

On average building consultants charge between $200 and $500 plus to complete a residential building report and this fee may vary across cities and states.

The most obvious advantage of conducting your own residential building inspection is the cost saving related to one or numerous building reports. An additional advantage for the property owner is the opportunity to see your property, as it would be presented in an official building report to your prospective buyers.

It is important for property owners to objectively identify any faults or areas that require work prior to placing the property on the market. You can fix those areas requiring work to help ensure the best price for your property. This exercise will also help you realise a realistic price for your property.

Who can use this guide?

The Residential Building Report Guide has many applications.

The guide is useful for property owners and prospective purchasers to gain a comprehensive report about the current condition of a residential property. Builders who wish to conduct a residential building inspection and report now have access to a professional resource that meets the Australian standard requirements for a residential building inspection and report.

Real estate agents can use this Guide to gain a better understanding of what a residential building report is and how the results can impact on the sale of a property. Finally, any person interested in information about how to conduct a residential inspection and building report now has the appropriate information and resources to do so.