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Repairing or replacing broken, damaged or decayed windows can become an expensive exercise.

What to look for:

Check if any windows are decayed, pitted or oxidizing
Check for any evidence of water leaks around the internal and external parts of windows eg stains
Are there any broken windows?
Check the spiral balance or sash cords (opening mechanisms) to see if they are operational ie open smoothly and stay open
Check window locks to see if they are operational
Check if any glazing material is deteriorating or missing
Check if any adjoining window mouldings are decayed or missing

Who to contact:

If you require further advice about the condition of a window or replacing a window contact a licensed builder or a window glazier.

Just remember that the condition of the windows is only one of the numerous areas of a house that needs to be checked before buying or selling – the easiest way to do this is by purchasing a Building & Pest Inspection Report.